About Gaugy Gallery

For thirty years, we have represented the full variety of Linear Expressionist Jean-Claude Gaugy’s artwork, including his signature medium of carved wood paintings, unique hand pulled and hand painted prints, original works on paper and bronze sculpture. We have also begun to produce limited edition archival pigment prints of a few of his works.

We also proudly represent three other unique artists whose work is compatible with the vision and quality we have always prized. Kimo Minton’s carved wood paintings and wood sculptures have found a perfect home in our space, as have the remarkable wood-burned Charred Narratives of Kathy Hirshon and the reductive woodblock prints of Jean Gumpper.

When you enter Gaugy Gallery, you enter a world of unmatched originality and creativity – and beautiful art media you have very likely never encountered before. For three decades, we have been successfully matching collectors with meaningful and interesting art. Visit us in person or online and let us work with you to find the perfect piece.

Our Historic Building, located at 418 Canyon Road, is one of the oldest (and most beautiful) buildings on that street, dating to the early 19th century. There are records that indicate that Archbishop Lamy brokered a treaty in one of its rooms, and a hidden compartment behind a painting holds a massive studded safe on wheels. Its triple wall adobe construction is unusual for the height of its ceilings and its large windows, not to mention the massive stone walls, five fireplaces and multiple courtyards.

Gaugy Gallery is owned and run by Michelle Gaugy, the business partner (and former wife) of Jean-Claude Gaugy. She entered the art world when she fell in love with the charming artist, but she has remained in it for love of the joys, challenges and aesthetic satisfactions the business offers. In addition to the gallery, Michelle also consults to artists and galleries worldwide, writes nonfiction and is a published author.