Jean Gumpper


jean_gumpperIn the print reduction process, the printing block consists of a piece of birch plywood, which is carved and printed in layers. I use a single piece of wood and first draw the image. Using woodcutting tools, the artist cuts away the areas to remain the color of the paper. Then she inks and prints the first color by placing paper on the block and running both through a press with pressure; the ink transfers to the paper. Each piece of paper is carefully registered on the block before it is run through. After all the pieces of paper in the edition (plus extras for mistakes) are printed with the first color, the block is cleaned and everything in that color is cut out of the block. The second color is then put on the block and printed, and then those areas cut out. This process of printing and cutting is repeated until the work is completed. Gumpper generally limits editions to only 12-15 pieces. Often she adds pochoir, which is a process using stencils and gouache paint, which allows her to add both localized and gradient colors.