Jean Claude Gaugy : Book and DVDs

leaner_expressionist“JEAN-CLAUDE GAUGY – Linear Expressionist”

This award-winning book contains one hundred eighty pages presenting over ninety full color reproductions, a biography and a revealing interview with the artist examining his art and his life. This is the first authorized overview of Gaugy’s work and career.
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le_cadeuu“LE CADEAU” (The Gift), 26 minute DVD about JEAN-CLAUDE GAUGY

This video is primarily an interview with the artist, discuss ing his early life and years in Paris, the development of his signature “carved paintings”, and his varied beliefs about art and life in general. The interview is interspersed with biographical film and photos, including rare footage of the artist carving both large and small works.
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In 1985, on a remote mountaintop in West Virginia, Jean-Claude Gaugy began a monumental work of art – 11, 000 sq. ft. of carved and painted surface. He called it “The Awakening” , because its purpose was his search for connection with the divine. For 13 years, he carved and painted complex and powerful imagery on hundreds of panels of wood. When he was finished, at his wife’s insistence – and despite his objections – the work was moved to Santa Fe, NM and opened to the public as a contemplative space. It remained open for approximately 5 years and is now in storage.
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awakening_ballet“THE AWAKENING BALLET”

A full-length ballet choreographed by Christopher Fleming inspired by the life and work of Jean-Claude Gaugy. Video Production by Philip Allen. This ballet was performed in The Awakening space when it opened in Santa Fe, NM and filmed on that opening night.
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awakening_ballet“Art Gallery – How to Do it Right!” by Michelle Gaugy

A 200 page guide on how to locate, set up and run your own successful art gallery by a woman who has been doing it for over four decades. Practical advice from someone who truly knows the business.

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