A Note from Michelle Gaugy……

I want to invite you to my private Vault, although I think of it more as a Treasure Chest. For many years, I have been putting aside some of the best – or most interesting – pieces Jean-Claude has created throughout each stage of his career.

It seemed to me that I should do this. I thought they would perhaps go to his children someday. However, as things have worked out, the children are now grown and have moved to Europe. They have told me that they already have all the art they want and can accommodate. Many of you will understand that life often differs from our expectations.

I am therefore regrouping. I certainly have no personal need for such a large collection of paintings, much as I love them. And philosophically, it offends me to have them languish in a warehouse. A work of art doesn’t even exist if it isn’t seen and enjoyed.

Therefore…. I’m bringing these artworks into the light. It’s time for them to live!

Most of these pieces have not been seen or displayed before. Many of them are highly unique. They are from all periods of Gaugy art. There are carved works, original paintings on paper, and printmaking on paper – printed on a manual press and individually colored by hand.

Pricing reflects an assessment of each artwork relative to current levels of Jean-Claude’s artistic development combined with our desire to encourage sales and activity.

Terms are available.

Vault Access by Password Only:

Access to Jean-Claude Gaugy Carved Works

Access to Jean-Claude Gaugy Works on Paper